Do You Want An Exclusive Relationship

Do You Want An Exclusive Relationship

What is an exclusive relationship and do you want one? When people initially start dating, it is quite common for them to date a number of people at the same time. In fact some cultures actively encourage this behavior as it is a quick and easy way to try out a number of different potential partners.

But casual dating has its limits. You cannot form a long lasting relationship with someone you only see on a Wednesday night! It can be difficult to make the transition from casual dating to a defined relationship which some people call going steady. It means showing your feelings to the other person and you may be concerned that you will scare them off. But it is important to communicate your feelings and expectations. You never know but they may feel exactly the same way. Being in an exclusive relationship usually means that you are only dating each other and nobody else.

The signs may be there that your partner is also keen to move things onto a more exclusive basis. Are they looking to spend more time with you? If you suggest an evening out on a particular day, are they generally available? You could try finding out whether they are seeing other people by asking them straight out. If this is too direct for you, then try teasing them about having too many dates to deal with and look closely at how they respond both by what they say and their non verbal language.

All relationships thrive through open and honest communication even if it is difficult. If you don’t discuss how you are feeling and what you would like to happen but simply rely on assumptions it can lead to deep hurt. Your partner cannot be expected to read your mind. They may believe that you are the one who wants to keep things casual and that you are dating other people too. If you don’t discuss it how can you know what the other wants? Obviously if they have just come out of a serious relationship and keep making remarks about people getting tied down too quickly etc, that is a fairly good sign that they do not want an exclusive partnership and are happier playing the field.

If you go into any bookstore or public library you will see shelves of books on the topic of relationships and communication between the sexes. It is well worth educating yourself as to how the other sex thinks and operates. While we are all individuals there are certain characteristics that are more predominant in men than in women and vice versa.

When we understand these differences we can form better relationships. Reading books like The Magic Of Making Up and putting the hints and theories into practice, will help you to form deeper more committed partnerships. You will find it easier to find that exclusive relationship you have been looking for.


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