Why Do Men Dump Women Here Are The Top Three Reasons Why

It is such a sad moment when a relationship ends and when a woman is dumped she will feel sad, angry and rejected. It is a very discouraging time in a woman’s life to be dumped by the person she so deeply loves. Being dumped will leave behind a feeling of pain and confusion, especially if it was unexpected.

At one time it seemed that it was always the woman that dumped the man, but I think the tables have turned and now men are doing their fair share of the dumping. The problem with when a man dumps a woman is that he is not as sympathetic and not so good at explaining why the relationship is over. Often a woman is left shocked and wondering what went wrong and really has no idea of the motive to his decision.

So why do men dump women? Here are the top three reasons why they men end relationships.

1. Communication – or lack of it!

The key to any successful relationship is good communication and if a couple are struggling to communicate then there are serious problems with the relationship. Lack of communication is one of the top reasons why men break up with women.

2. Over-demanding women!

At the beginning of a relationship women take men for who they are and all is good. But as time goes on, some women will start to become quite demanding of their man. Women sometimes like to have control in a relationship and may enforce too many rules and limits on their partner. As the relationship becomes more serious they will expect the man to start spending more time at home and less time out with friends. If a man isn’t ready to change his life to suit the ‘couple’ lifestyle then this can be too much pressure for him. Putting too much pressure and too many demands on a man is a big reason for many break ups.

3. Needy women!

Men like to play the role of the big hero and so it can give their ego a nice boost when a woman plays the ‘damsel in distress’ role. However, this is alright once in a while but a man will get quite annoyed with a woman if she is constantly needy and reliant on him. Although it is good to rely on a man to some degree, a woman still needs some degree of independence. A man will lose respect for a woman who is too clingy and can’t do anything for herself. It can even become a bit creepy if a woman develops an obsession for the man and won’t let him out of her site. When she expects him to spend every free minute with her, he will feel smothered and need to escape. When the relationship gets to this point, the man will escape by breaking up with the woman.

There are many reasons why men dump women, but these are three very common ones. Don’t think that you’re relationship is fine because it’s women that do the dumping, it’s not the case anymore. Men also hold the power of a relationship in their hands. If you find yourself in the situation of being dumped by a man, you can try communicating with him to see if there is any chance of salvaging the relationship. If he has no interest at all in reconciling then you need to accept that the relationship is over and perhaps learn from the mistakes you may have made.


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