Relationship Blog – Fun – Helpful – But Possibly Dangerous

There are basically two times in our relationships where we really want to talk to others about them: when they are really good and when they are bad. Sometimes it’s nice to find out what other people think on various topics, the advice of a stranger can be very helpful since you know they don’t have an agenda, for that reason checking out a relationship blog can be fun and helpful.

If you would like, you can take it one step further and start your own blog. It can be a neat way to chronicle the ups and downs of your relationship. When you start a blog you can start one for free if you choose or you can spend a small amount (less than $20 upfront) and get a domain name and hosting account.

Either way you can make your blog as public or private as you want. You can open it up to anyone who happens to stumble across it (if you want a lot of traffic you can actively promote your blog) or you can only allow selected people you choose to have access to it.

If you prefer you can do a search online to find someone else’s blog. Once you find one that you like and you think the information is good, you can subscribe to their feed and you will be notified anytime they make a new post. Again, it can be nice to find out what other people have to say about their relationships.

With most blogs you will even be able to leave a comment or ask a question. This allows you to have some interactivity with the person who writes the blog as well as the other visitors to the blog.

Whether you choose to start your own blog, or just read and comment on someone else’s blog, be careful about how much personal information you put out there in cyber space. The more access you allow to your blog (or when you comment on someone else’s public blog) the more people who will see it and there are some weird people online!

You not only have to be careful of what you say and the information you give out, you also need to be careful what pictures you post to a public blog.

Blogs are wonderful resources and so are forums. If you want to interact with others a little bit more, you can find a relationship forum that to join. It’s free to join and it can be fun to strike up friendships with people online. Again, though, keep the privacy issue in mind whenever you make a comment or add a picture whether on a blog or a forum.

Remember too, that not everyone knows what they are talking about no matter how much of an ‘expert’ they make them self out to be. Take all information and advice with a grain of salt and ultimately let your own common sense be your guide.

It can be fun to bounce ideas of others and share the good times and the bad times of your relationship on a
relationship blog. As long as you don’t get too carried away with what you share it can be a fun experience.


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